Bird is the word

Birdhead was brought to life in the summer of 2000, while founder Michael Crigler was living in Japan. The company had a humble beginning starting out as a one man show making very limited edition shirts and custom accessories to be sold at local markets and boutiques. Birdhead has since evolved into a fully functional operation with a team of many creative individuals.

The goal of Birdhead is to merge the gap between art and fashion, providing people with like minded ideals an alternative to the cookie-cutter offerings available in the mainstream fashion scene. The products we create are, but not limited to: Clothing, Accessories, Stationary, Books, Posters and other Art pieces.

Our focus is to to reject the norm. By not following prevailing trends in fashion it allows us to be more creative. Through collaboration we develop designs and products with purely original ideas. Our products are made for people who choose to think differently. They are not defined by stereotypes. They are a growing breed of sophisticated, unconventional, politically and socially aware individuals. They view life with humor, but choose not to accept only what is “acceptable.”

Birdhead is not only defined by it’s innovative style, but also for the messages behind the style. The highly refined, well thought out designs occasionally revel devious yet humorous subliminal graphic messages. These juxtapositions and sometimes abstract creations are often comments on modern culture, political picking, sociological ideology and sometimes simply pure form and humor. Through art we are able to expose the contradiction in life and in culture. There is no other art form that is more personal then fashion. Clothing can be one of the most personal and effective ways of expressing your individuality as a human being.